Friday, September 24, 2010


Any tips out there on how to do better about budgeting and saving money?!?! I'm feeling rather depressed when I look at the bills verses the money in the bank (or lack there of)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hospital Stay

As usual, Katrin asthma has flared up this fall. Two nights ago it got really bad. She was up sick 3 or 4 times. She started out in her bed and ended up in the guest room. I have tons of laundry now!! Anyway, Yesterday morning, she was really struggling to breath. I closed all the windows in the house to try to make the house a 'safe' place for her to breath and kept her in all day. She had multiple breath treatments but wasn't getting any better. She complained that her stomach, throat, and head hurt. She didn't leave the couch at all, so that was a sure sign something was really wrong. I finally took her temp around 1 and it was 102.5. So I made a dr. appointment. FUN!! It was nap time for both girls but I knew I had to take the first available appointment. So off we went to the doctors. They gave her another breathing treatment and said that she needed to be in the hospital. I really didn't think she was THAT bad. Anyway, they sent us over to the ER and then on to stay the night. The night went fairly well. She wouldn't keep her oxygen tube on very well but she wasn't coughing nearly as much and I think she got some much needed rest. Her oxygen level wasn't really great during the night but the doctors said is would probably be better by today when she was up and around. This morning, she seems to be feeling better and more her 'normal' self. We still haven't seen the doctor so time will tell if we get to go home today. Paul had to take the day off so someone could watch Kallie and no work means no pay! Please pray that she can go home today so Paul can go to work tomorrow!! But more importantly, pray that Katrin gets better and doesn't have to come back to the hospital!

Labor Day

We usually try to go to a state park for a picnic on Memorial Day and Labor Day. But this Labor Day was a little different... We went shopping in Hagerstown and had a great day out as a family! We then, came home, took naps and headed out to Cowans Gap really late. We only got to eat and splash in the water a little before the park closed. Paul did get to do a little fishing too. We had a great day! I love being together as a family!!