Saturday, February 28, 2009



These are random pictures from over the past couple months. A lot of stuff has happened with our church of the past few weeks. I won't go into detail but please pray for us. I think I should write a book on our first year of pastoring.

Monday we go to Pittsburgh to see Kallie's heart doctor. I hoping everything goes well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Now that it's February, I am anxious for spring. I got enough of winter while in Cincinnati, a few weeks ago. I don't really have anything super exciting to tell you all. I've been busy lately 'spring' cleaning. We've been enjoying the warm weather the past few days with walks to McDonald's and the library. I've been cleaning the windows inside and out. I don't think some of them had been cleaned in years. They were very nasty out on the back porch.

The girls are growing like weeds. Katrin loves all things princess. Kallie is sitting up really well and is infatuated with her fingers. I think she's teething too. She's starting to jabber more and loves to be entertained by Katrin.

Paul is busy working 10 hour days four days a week, church on Sunday, and Tuesday is study day. So that leaves Monday as family day. Katrin wakes up every morning wanting to know where her daddy is.

Tonight Kallie and I stayed home from church, I'm not feeling well. Sorry... no pictures this time.