Tuesday, November 17, 2009

English Muffins

Last night after dinner, I was cleaning up Kallie (she makes a huge mess when she eats) when I told her she looked like a rag muffin. Katrin heard me and then told Kallie she looked like an english muffin =) hee hee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last Wednesday I had surgery, nothing major. It was an outpatient procedure. Since then I've been home recovering and taking it easy. Our wonderful church ladies have been here helping me everyday! It's been so great! I'll miss the company next week!! I can pretty much do everything for myself except lift Kallie and my laundry, which are MAJOR parts of my life. The help has been very much appreciated and I've so enjoyed all the cards, calls, and meals that everyone has made. I'm going to make myself comfy on the couch for a movie and snack then off to bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's official!!

Kallie is walking!! She took her first steps back in July but hasn't wanted to try since. She would walk anywhere and everywhere holding onto my finger or skirt but refused to let go. Well Monday, she started walking, taking 5 and 6 steps at a time before falling. That night she walked the whole way around our house. Since then she has accomplished standing up in the middle of the room and walking without being prompted. My baby is growing up!! Sniff sniff!!

Today she was a very big girl and used the potty!! No, I'm not starting to potty train yet, but I thought I would give it a try since it's so easy to tell when she trying to do her 'business'. It was successful, so after my surgery, I might try to start potty training...we'll see. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Her first sucker!
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Happy 1st Birthday, Kallie!!

One year ago, tomorrow, Kallie greeted the world. She was born Tuesday, August 12th at 7:27 am at Christ Hospital. She weighted 7lbs. 6 oz., 20 1/2" long. From the moment I laid eyes on her, she stole my heart. I never knew a heart could love two children so much and from first sight! Kallie is day and night different from Katrin. Kallie had a rough beginning with heart surgery at 8 days old. She was in and out of the hospital in less than a week (went in on Monday afternoon and was discharged from CICU on Friday evening). Kallie is pretty much a happy-go-lucky little bundle of love. She's a true Mama's girl. I'm the only one who has ever fed her with exception of maybe a dozen times. She loves to snuggle, hates having her hair washed, loves her ba-ba (bottle) (I always said off the bottle by one...well, I've had to eat my words. We are working that direction though), loves to walk holding on to my skirt, loves to swing and be outside. Kallie is a very picky eater, but just recently, I discovered that if I let her feed herself she will eat a whole lot more. She loves to snuggle when she's falling asleep, which just melts my heart. She is almost walking on her own. She did take 6 steps a few weeks ago on her own but hasn't really tried much since than. She just finally started sleeping through the night about a week ago. So, she now sleeps from 7:30/8ish to 7:30/8ish in the morning. 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep for me (knock on wood =)) She's still taking two naps a day for the most part. Kallie can say sissy, fishie, doggie, kittie, da-da, ra-ra (mama), and ba-ba. Kallie has definitely been a wonderful addition to our little family!

Happy 1st Birthday, Kallie Rue!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Tonight, when Katrin came to the dinner table, I noticed she had drawn all over herself. When I asked her about the lines on her arms, she told me she had drawn animals on her arms. I asked why and she told me she wanted to be like the 'worker man...he has animals on his arms'. (The 'worker man' is the property manager of our house... he has tattoos all over arms). It's amazing how observant our children are!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today is a beautiful day... not too hot. Kallie is taking her morning nap and Katrin is playing outside (picking flowers). Nothing too crazy has been happening. We were at camp a few weeks ago. And the girls and I leave for youth camp Sunday. We're taking a girl from our church. It should be a fun time. I'm excited to go, this will be my first youth camp ever!!

Well my house work is calling me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day to...

Dad Eckert with Kallie when she was in the hospital for her heart surgery

My dad with Katrin when we visited in January of this year

My dad with Kallie in January of this year

Kallie with her Daddy...she's becoming quite the daddy's girl.

Katrin loves to play with her daddy.
Thank you all for being such wonderful Dads! We love you!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update of Katrin & Kallie

Kallie has been crawling for a little while now and is getting very fast. She pulls herself up to anything and everyone. Paul built a gate the top of the stairs but we didn't think we'd need one for the bottom for a while yet. Wrong! Kallie successfully made up one step and would have kept going if I hadn't stopped her. You see, I wouldn't have such a problem with her venturing up the stairs if they weren't wood and the downstairs floor wasn't ceramic tile. Anyway, then Sunday night after church she was on the move. She climbed all four concrete steps of the church...AHH! Then, last night while I was weeding our walkway... she was climbing up and down the garden bench. When she would get herself situated on the bench she would clap for herself. I need to take a little video clip of it.

Katrin is a very active 3 year old. She absolutely loves to be outdoors. Her newest friend is a stray cat and everyday she goes outside and yells "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty" Of course the whole neighborhood can hear her. She's been enjoying swimming and watching all her Barbie Princess movies. She has most of the memorized and loves to dance like a ballerina and sing all the songs. She told me the other day that I was her best friend! Talk about melting my heart!

Oh, a few weeks ago in Sunday school she made a really cute little bird feeder out of a pine cone. Paul put it up in the tree for her and one night we were all outside, I asked her where she got the bird feeder. She said "From church". I asked "What church?". "The white church". "What white church?" "The HOLINESS church, Mama!!" I cracked up laughing. This is all from my wonderful 'little' three year old!

Another day she offered me some gum which I did not want. She told me to save it for IHC when I'm pregnant with Kallie. Don't know where she got that from.

A few weeks ago she saw an old classic car and told me it was amazing. Then she promptly told me that the cows out in the field were awesome. You never know what she's going to come up with.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Fun!!


Recent fun!!

4wheeler fun


Last weekend we went to see some of my extended family. Katrin enjoyed riding 4 wheeler with my Aunt Nancy and my cousin's little girl (Aunt Nancy's grand daughter) Shelby
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Memoiral Day

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Katrin's 3rd Birthday

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My new porch swing (thanks Mom)

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Big Girl Hair


Katrin is growing up so fast and this hair-do made her look really 'grown up'.
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Before Church

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Our 'New' Church


The exterior of our new church. It still has some work to be done on it but it's coming along. Come visit if you're in the area!!
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