Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Karra!!

My day began with a phone call at 5:20 am this morning. It was the hospital calling to move up my c-section!! I had been told yesterday that if anything was wrong with my Amnio that they would call by 5:30 this morning. So, when the phone rang I was about in tears, thinking that they were postponing my c-section. Thanks to an awesome God who answers prayer, they were calling to move up my section!! I was very excited!! Paul and I quickly showered and were out the door in 40 minutes. We arrived at the hospital around 7am. I was prepped and in the OR by 8:43. Everything hurt really bad this time. I don't really know why. The surgery went fine and Karra Grace came into this world at 9:16am. Paul brought her to me and I got to see Karra briefly because I started getting sick. I had never thrown up with my
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other to kids but why should I think that this section should be the same considering that this pregnancy has been so different from my other two? Once the dr got done sewing me up I felt 100% better! Paul took Karra to get cleaned, weighted, and measured. I went to recovery til 11:05 then was taken to my room. I finally got to hold my baby girl!!!! She's a sweetie!! I love her so much already!! Shortly after getting situated my room, I had visitors (Mindy, Caitlynn, Hannah, Denise, Cassie, and Clayton)!! I have getting visitors while in the hospital!! It makes the time go by faster! And who doesn't want to show off their new baby!?!!? After they left, Paul left as well to go home and get the girls and his parents. While he was gone another good friend, Rachel, came for a nice visit. Paul returned around 4:30 with the family in tow. Katrin and Kallie were so excited to meet/see their new sister. It was really cute!! Man, I love my girls!! They stayed for a while and just left a little bit ago. Now, I plan to enjoy so quiet time and try to get some sleep. I'm SO tired!! This was my day in a nut shell! If it doesn't make sense, sorry.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby K's Room (cont.)

My little corner of the room. I covered the ottoman with another receiving blanket to match the room =) Paul made the night stand/cubes.

Baby K's Room

Wall hangings (inspired by Potterybarn) The letters are the baby's initials k, g, e

my new changing table that I'm already in love with!

crib and wall painting I did (inspired by Potterybarn)

The DIY projects...the K is covered with a cordinating receiving blanket with ribbon around the edge and the dresser scarf is receiving blankets sewn together

I didn't spend a whole lot on this nursery but I think it turned out cute! I had fun doing all the little projects and putting my little touches into it =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've always said that to get my house exactly the way I want it (clean, that is) I need to be pregnant, cause that's when I do the nitty gritty cleaning and organizing. Well, here I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and planning to deliver our final baby in 6 days and my house is totally in order!! So, so, so happy have everything done!!! It feels awesome! I can't stand clutter and messes, so my house isn't usually very bad. But when I clean weekly, I don't pull out all the furniture and dust every nook and cranny. Even at this point, please don't come to my house with a white glove!!
Now, to just keep everything in order for the next few days! Monday and Tuesday will be the crazy days of mopping all the floors and making sure every last stitch of clothing is washed and put away in it's proper place and grocery shopping. My girls have been, surprising, good lately at picking up their toys and not making too many huge messes.
Although, today, Kallie was a bit of a tornado with the toy box in their room. Normally, I help them clean up their toys and such but this mama is just getting too BIG to bend over and pick stuff up! So I told her she needed to clean up her toy box before going to bed and left the room. I came back a few minutes later to a perfectly clean floor with all the toys picked up and lid on the box! I was proud of her!! (She isn't know for picking up her toys...she usually lets big sister do the work and she watches) I guess all the 'correcting' has paid off and she is now a big girl too and is perfectly able to do her share! Thank the Lord!!

I will try to get some good pictures of the nursery posted on here tomorrow. 'Try' is the keyword!! Then Saturday, we have a wedding to attend and Sunday, Paul is preaching at a neighboring church. Monday, the inlaws are coming, Tuesday, I go for my Amnio, and Wednesday.....(drum roll) we will welcome Baby K!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time Flies

(Mother's Day 35 1/2 weeks pg)

Only 9 days left til we get to meet our third little girl! I've been busy doing lots of cleaning and such to get ready for the baby. When I think I'm ready, I always seem to find another project to do. I'm trying to take advantage of every free moment cause I know once she's born, I'll be busier than ever!!

(painting I did above the crib in Baby K's room)

Today I went for my last ultrasound. Baby K weighs 6.1 pounds and is in the 15% for growth, which is good for her, since she's a two-vessel cord baby. (Most babies have 3-vessels). Everything is fine and she will just be smaller than the 'normal' baby, which is fine with me...I get to enjoy the 'newborn' stage a little longer =)

Katrin and Kallie are super excited about being big sisters. Kallie loves to listen to my belly. She has to have her ear up to my belly button in order to 'hear' the baby. She always has something funny to say about what she thinks the baby is doing. Katrin loves to feel the baby kicking and is always kissing my belly. I think they will be great big sisters, but I'm sure, they will be jealous too! When does sibling rivalry end?!?!

I go on the 24th for my amniocenteses (to be sure her lungs are fully developed) then I have my c-section on the 25th. Please pray that all goes well!