Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blue not Pink

Katrin has double pink and this is what she told me yesterday, "Mommy, my eyes are blue, not pink" I love my little girl. She's so sweet!!

Yesterday, for the first time in a VERY VERY long time... Kallie took a bottle. After investing in oodles of Avent bottles and pump and many other brands of bottles she finally took a 4 oz. Dr. Brown's bottle!! Thanks to the many of you who gave/sold me Avent bottles, I am still using them to pump but Kallie will have nothing to do with them. I'm just thankful she will finally take a bottle without any problems. I can finally go out for longer than a few hours! She really is a very good baby but a bit picky when it comes to her feeding source. The child doesn't even like rice cereal, so we went straight on to baby food, the favorite being pears at the moment.

We stayed home from church this morning to let Katrin get some much needed rest and to may sure her eyes were doing better. But I think we might try church tonight. I'm getting cabin fever... haven't left the house since Friday evening. Her eyes aren't gooping anymore and they are pretty much all clear. So, off I go to get her bathed and to get both kids dressed for church.

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Nancy said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Looks like you ahve a nice size group of kids to work with at church....that should make programs easier! I can't BELIEVE how big Kalle looks these days! WOW she really has grown. I kniow I need to call you again...maybe this weekend! LOL