Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update of Katrin & Kallie

Kallie has been crawling for a little while now and is getting very fast. She pulls herself up to anything and everyone. Paul built a gate the top of the stairs but we didn't think we'd need one for the bottom for a while yet. Wrong! Kallie successfully made up one step and would have kept going if I hadn't stopped her. You see, I wouldn't have such a problem with her venturing up the stairs if they weren't wood and the downstairs floor wasn't ceramic tile. Anyway, then Sunday night after church she was on the move. She climbed all four concrete steps of the church...AHH! Then, last night while I was weeding our walkway... she was climbing up and down the garden bench. When she would get herself situated on the bench she would clap for herself. I need to take a little video clip of it.

Katrin is a very active 3 year old. She absolutely loves to be outdoors. Her newest friend is a stray cat and everyday she goes outside and yells "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty" Of course the whole neighborhood can hear her. She's been enjoying swimming and watching all her Barbie Princess movies. She has most of the memorized and loves to dance like a ballerina and sing all the songs. She told me the other day that I was her best friend! Talk about melting my heart!

Oh, a few weeks ago in Sunday school she made a really cute little bird feeder out of a pine cone. Paul put it up in the tree for her and one night we were all outside, I asked her where she got the bird feeder. She said "From church". I asked "What church?". "The white church". "What white church?" "The HOLINESS church, Mama!!" I cracked up laughing. This is all from my wonderful 'little' three year old!

Another day she offered me some gum which I did not want. She told me to save it for IHC when I'm pregnant with Kallie. Don't know where she got that from.

A few weeks ago she saw an old classic car and told me it was amazing. Then she promptly told me that the cows out in the field were awesome. You never know what she's going to come up with.

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Brenda said...

Awe - so cute! Just wait until Kallie is talking too!