Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's official!!

Kallie is walking!! She took her first steps back in July but hasn't wanted to try since. She would walk anywhere and everywhere holding onto my finger or skirt but refused to let go. Well Monday, she started walking, taking 5 and 6 steps at a time before falling. That night she walked the whole way around our house. Since then she has accomplished standing up in the middle of the room and walking without being prompted. My baby is growing up!! Sniff sniff!!

Today she was a very big girl and used the potty!! No, I'm not starting to potty train yet, but I thought I would give it a try since it's so easy to tell when she trying to do her 'business'. It was successful, so after my surgery, I might try to start potty training...we'll see. =)


Rebecca said...

Those first steps are so exciting!! Leah is walking around furniture, but still hasn't ventured to take that first step without holding on to something. Hope you all are doing well!

Katie and the boys said...

Yea!!!! Believe me it makes it alot easier starting now! Michael went poo on the potty starting at 9 months. You just knew when it was going to happen and he was completely potty trained my 18 months and Wes by 2.

Aimee said...

When I saw the title "it's official" on the blog feed, I instandly thought you were expecting again:) that is, until I read your post.

Kallie is getting so big and cute as ever.