Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kallie!!


Wow! It's amazing how time flies! It seems like yesterday Kallie was born. Kallie keeps things very lively around here. I call her my boy dressed in pink. If there's dirt, rocks or sticks...she'll find them. She loves being outside and swinging and playing with her 'Sissy'. She is my cuddle bug and loves to be kissed and loved on. She has a very tender heart but is as subborn as the day is long!! I've always said off the bottle by one and potty trained by two. She did not want to give up her bottle til around 14 months and I tried more than once to potty train her. Well she wanted to do it on her on timing, which was about a week ago. So she's potty trained!! A VERY happy day in my world!

We love you Kallie!! You are the best little girl a Mama, Daddy and Sissy could ever ask for!
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