Friday, September 24, 2010


Any tips out there on how to do better about budgeting and saving money?!?! I'm feeling rather depressed when I look at the bills verses the money in the bank (or lack there of)


Janella Thompson said...

Here are some simple things I do...I use internet coupons on grocery items all the time. Recently I have found CVS takes these coupons as well...and I say that because if you have a CVS EXTRA CARE card you can purchase household items that you get Extra care bucks...basically like a gift card back to use at a later date. I am just now starting this..and I have started saving alot...especially on Laundry detergent. Also Wal-mart Price matches about any add you bring in. Sometimes they don't ALDI ad. You have to match brand name for brand name and OZ. size for OZ. size...and if it's Kroger brand they will match Wal-mart brand as long as Oz. size is the same. Also for eating out I sign up for any and every e-mail club and card member thing I can. Lots of free coupons or discounts!! These are just simple things that you might already be doing, but it's helped us. I also keep a tally of how much I have saved off everything....clothes, out to eat, grocery items. It encourages me too look how much MORE i could have spent...but DIDN't and that doesn't count the things that you disiplined yourself NOT to buy and really wanted to! Stay encouraged...I am getting ready to be a stay at home and the whole money thing scares me to death so I am trying to find little ways to help our budget out and still live and not feel like i am DEPRIVING myself or my family!

The Pastor of a Small Rural Church said...

Been there done that - I can empathize! Julia can tell you how we didit/do it.


Raylin said... is an awesome resource!