Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just pouring my heart out...

I just need to write my thoughts....

I love being a mom! I have three great girls. They all are such a blessing to me. Katrin is such a big helper and Kallie is such a snuggle bug and Karra is such an awesome baby! Right now I'm really overwhelmed by life and everything that has to be done. I know people mean well by telling me they would love to help but I'm sick of hearing all the reasons why they can't help. Then I get flack for doing all that I do, well maybe it's because I DON'T have help!! I'm not trying to be Super Mom or do too much, I'm just trying to get done what needs to get done. I don't think I'm someone special by taking a 3 week old baby to church camp but it had to be done. Paul was being ordained and I don't think any of the moms out there would miss a huge milestone in their husbands life to stay at home either.

I would thoroughly enjoy just sitting on my porch swing with a glass of tea and reading a nice book but my mama taught me to be a worker and if there's work to be done, then I'm trying to get it done. It may take me 3 times as long to do it with all the little interruptions but I'll get it done. I would just LOVE for a friend to come visit for a few days or even made me once again realize how much I really miss my friends. God has definitely been my closest friend since moving to PA. He has brought our family closer too. I don't have anyone else! I'm not trying to complain or through a pitty party for myself, but sometimes it's just hard to bare.

In the coming weeks, we have alot to accomplish! Paul will be switching jobs. He will be pastoring our current church and another Bible Methodist Church in Newville and starting in August, teaching full-time at a Christian school. We will also be moving to a more central location between the two churches. So, I have a big ol' house to pack up, three kids and a husband to take care of with no help. =) I AM looking forward to what God has in store for our family, just right now it's a little overwhelming. Well duty is calling and need to get lots done...Paul has been working over time yesterday and today so I've been on my own. It's noon and I need to get lunch, my shower and the mountains of laundry.


Peggy B. said...

Hang in there Jenn. Soon your kids will be grown, and you will wonder where time went. But I do know what it means to be overwhelmed trying to take care of issues in life. Keep your chin up.

Momma Bailey

Regi said...

UGHHH wish i were closer - so we could help each other!!!sounds like you have your plate full - chat me sometime on FB when you need some encouragement :)

ALICIA said...

Came across your blog....I am sorry, I know the feeing, having 4 of my own and baysitting 2-4 extras. Hang in there and dont be afraid to ask for help! Which is a hard thing for me to do, but I realized there were alot of people wanting to help, they just had no clue. I was so use to going 90 to nothing, getting things done, being a mommy, wife, babysitter, etc. and it about got the best of me(being overwhelmed). I looked like I had it all together,(and usually did) so no one realized I needed help. There were many tears shed and prayers prayed. I will pray that someone comes your way to help and encourage!

Andy said...

With ya. A comment was made to me a few days back about how slow I'm recouperating. Well, there's a reason.

hapi said...

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Liz said...

Hey, Jenn - I just found your blog here and saw this post and my heart feels for you soooooo much.

After our 3rd was born, a couple in our church that we love and trust offered to babysit our kids for us to go on a weekly date (mostly weekly =) I was too proud to ever do it before - even though they had offered - but my mom happened to be here and heard them and said, "You need to do that." She spoke with that "mama said" voice and so I did. It was the best choice I could have made for that season.

At this point we don't go on a date that often, but at that point it was the greatest blessing... My point: If someone is offering/has offered to help, take them up on it - they really mean it, more than likely.

One time we were in some kind of crisis that I can't even remember now (probably adding a baby =) and a lady at church had offered to do our laundry... Darrell gathered laundry and sent it home with her - and it came back clean - I didn't even know he had done it! LOL! I was shocked/embarrassed, but I had to let go of my pride and accept the blessing.

Anyway, hang in there. Life happens in seasons - and you will be in a different season soon - still plenty of work to do, but different scenery.

One last thing, I highly recommend the book "Large Family Logistics" - it was very helpful to me as I'm home-keeping challenged =) I'm sure you're a much more natural house-keeper, but I thought you might appreciate it at your stage in life.


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