Tuesday, February 16, 2010

January/ February Fun

January/February Fun '10

The month of January flew by and here it is the middle of February! Wow! The end of January was our first full revival in the pastorate. It was a wonderful experience! Mike & Evie Shiery were the evangelists and the Lord's presences were felt in every service. The Shierys are a great family and we made lots of wonderful memories!! Thank you for coming!! We love you guys!

Shortly after revival we got together with some preacher friends and had a great time. I didn't take any picture though. I'm not sure why.

Then came all the the crazy snow. I think we have over 40" of snow. It's beautiful and I've enjoyed it some with the girls, but I'm very much ready for spring!

Life is busy, as is most everyone's, but we're loving every minute of it and cherishing lots of happy times.

Kallie is now 18 months and I'm starting to potty train. Pray for me!! LOL!! Today was the first day (only three accidents).

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Evie said...

Aww! Thanks Jen! We love you guys too and I wish we lived closer so we could see you all more often!