Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring '10

Life has been busy. The girls basically live outside so I don't get much done inside. We're trying to get some much needed yard work done in the evenings when Paul is home. Nothing too exciting has happened. In March, the Sams were here and Paul had his birthday. I hosted a baby shower the same weekend. It was a crazy but fun weekend.

A few weeks ago, Kallie cut her finger pretty bad. The cut it self wasn't bad but I couldn't get a band aid or anything on it before she would pull it off and blood would be going everywhere.

Kallie has learned how to pedal her tricycle and wants to do everything Katrin does.

Easter was a quiet weekend, it was just us. My camera batteries died that morning so I didn't get any family pictures. Oh well. I'll try again at IHC. We shall see.

The church voted on us yesterday, we are here for another three years. We really love it here!!

Spring 2010


Brenda said...

Loved your pictures. The girls are getting so big! And I love your new glasses - very cute!

Alanna said...

The girls looked so cute in their Easter dresses!