Monday, January 17, 2011

3 musketeers

Our family is expanding, as most of you know, and we will be having another GIRL! I'm seeing a shotgun by the door in our future really soon (to keep the boys away)!! LOL!! Three girls!!!!! Ahh, I may loose my mind yet! And the drama continues..... =)

During the ultrasound, Katrin wanted to know if the baby had clothes on. She then asked if she had a blanket on. It's amazing what kids think of! She will be a great help to me once the baby arrives.

Now, if I could just get myself motivated to start working on the baby's room....

After this daughter is born, my parents will have 5 grand-daughters!! I guess that makes up for me being the only girl growing up!


Raylin said...

Congrats! I grew up in a family of three girls, it's not too bad! :) Although I have to agree, girls are drama queens! :) My boys are much more easy going. Girls are precious in their own way... I've been anxious to have another one! :)

Brenda said...

O wow! Congrats, Jenn! Three girls will be so much fun! There is nothing in the world like a sister - and having two is extra special! :-)