Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Karra!!

My day began with a phone call at 5:20 am this morning. It was the hospital calling to move up my c-section!! I had been told yesterday that if anything was wrong with my Amnio that they would call by 5:30 this morning. So, when the phone rang I was about in tears, thinking that they were postponing my c-section. Thanks to an awesome God who answers prayer, they were calling to move up my section!! I was very excited!! Paul and I quickly showered and were out the door in 40 minutes. We arrived at the hospital around 7am. I was prepped and in the OR by 8:43. Everything hurt really bad this time. I don't really know why. The surgery went fine and Karra Grace came into this world at 9:16am. Paul brought her to me and I got to see Karra briefly because I started getting sick. I had never thrown up with my
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other to kids but why should I think that this section should be the same considering that this pregnancy has been so different from my other two? Once the dr got done sewing me up I felt 100% better! Paul took Karra to get cleaned, weighted, and measured. I went to recovery til 11:05 then was taken to my room. I finally got to hold my baby girl!!!! She's a sweetie!! I love her so much already!! Shortly after getting situated my room, I had visitors (Mindy, Caitlynn, Hannah, Denise, Cassie, and Clayton)!! I have getting visitors while in the hospital!! It makes the time go by faster! And who doesn't want to show off their new baby!?!!? After they left, Paul left as well to go home and get the girls and his parents. While he was gone another good friend, Rachel, came for a nice visit. Paul returned around 4:30 with the family in tow. Katrin and Kallie were so excited to meet/see their new sister. It was really cute!! Man, I love my girls!! They stayed for a while and just left a little bit ago. Now, I plan to enjoy so quiet time and try to get some sleep. I'm SO tired!! This was my day in a nut shell! If it doesn't make sense, sorry.


Aimee said...

Congrats!!!! Im so glad she's finally here and healthy! Love the name:)

Brenda said...

Enjoyed the story and congrats! That's odd that you had so much pain with this c-section. Hopefully that was only during the surgery and your recovery is quick. Rest as much as you can so you can run all over the camp grounds w/your new baby! he hee! :-)